Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Names are important, they define who we are as humans. They give ownership of all aspects of one persons life. I think that a pseudonyms have a time and place, such as instances where a self brand is needed. But no matter what there should be some way of saying who you are, your real name. For example bands often call themselves by some name that they choose that has nothing to do with its members real name. But then print their name on the packaging of music or on their website. I also believe that nicknames factor into this dilemma of using your real when creating anything from a blog comment, to paintings, to a book. Some people have not been called by their real name their whole life and live under a name that is not their real name, if this is the case I think its ok for someone to claim that as their real name. Ones real name should be whatever it is that defines you. In the end its important to be who you are, call yourself that, and stay true to it.

Steven Heller of Design Observer makes some good point on the topic in his article: What's in a name?

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